Maya Angelou dancing with poet/playwright Amiri Baraka

“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels.”–Maya Angelou

On this site, you can find Book Reviews about works written by people who identify as women. You’ll also find interviews under Meet the Writer with people who identify as women who do any kind of writing: fiction, memoir, poetry, blogging, journalism, you name it! Not all of these authors are published, so you’ll get a variety of insight. My name is Melanie, and I’m happy you’re here! Please see the About GTL section to learn more about my reviewing process and FAQ for answers about review requests and why there are no people here who identify as men.


  1. I love that you focus on women writers here! I tend to just read whatever grabs my interest/comes across my path but it’s disappointing if I look back and find my reading list dominated by dead white men. I’m excited to find some new awesome women to read!

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  2. After a near lifetime of exposure to books by men, I’m longing for books by women. I also am wondering how others feel about books written by men with a female protagonist. I don’t want to shut my mind against them but I wonder why the publishing world so favors men to the point that they let men tell our stories. Looking forward to reading your blog,

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  3. Nice to finally connect. I like the fact that your focus is not only literature but also women in literature. Taking a look around now. PS: I am already following your blog but I can’t find where to subscribe for email notifications.

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