Sunday Lowdown #31

This Week’s Blog Posts:

On Monday, Jackie @ Death by Tsundoku and I had a conversation about Storm Rising by Mercedes Lackey that got, shall we say. . . hairy? What is the function of magical animals in Valdemar, and how big is their impact? #ReadingValdemar

Wednesday was a bummer because The Milk Lady of Bangalore by Shoba Narayan really let me down. Distant, not well-researched, and with a cow-pie of an ending, it was a book that left me feeling “udderly” disappointed.

I was excited when Friday hit because I shared my reading plans for September. Many readers commented that The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri is a good book, so I’ve that to look forward to. Ghosts of You by Cathy Ulrich is a small-press flash fiction collection that will stop by Grab the Lapels on a blog tour, so if you’re interested and have the means, please buy or request the book from your library.

Next Week’s Blog Posts:

On Tuesday my review of Swift as Desire by Laura Esquivel will post. More of a novella in the oral storytelling tradition, complete with life lessons and thoughts on communication, than a straightforward novel, it was an interesting book (though I prefer Like Water for Chocolate).

Friday’s post has been scheduled for ages, but I couldn’t get it to fit on the calendar for a while. My review for Wicked Woman: Women in Metal from the 1960s to Now by Addison Heron-Wheeler is fairly short, like the book itself, and a topic I know many of you were surprised to find I am interested in.

Book I Own on my TBR by a Male Author:

I finished up The Blade Artist by Irvine Welsh. What some see as Welsh writing poorly-done fan fiction of his own Francis Begbie, others saw as the new and improved “Jim Frances.” I’ve oddly liked being in Begbie’s head because it makes the most sense (what a screwed up thing to think), even when he’s ultra violent. You can check out my review on Goodreads.

Book I’m Reading Aloud to My Spouse:

David Copperfield, you gotta get your shit together. This young man is fighting to convince a teenage girl, who is practically a baby in her reasoning skills, that working is good because that is how people avoid being poor. His Dora has a meltdown at the thought of her fiance working — despite the fact that David works with her father, and her tizzy sends her purse dog into a tizzy. Oy.

Books Added to the TBR Pile:

Thank you to Wendy, Corey, Kellen, and Biscuit for their recommendations!


  1. I too enjoy your puns, and I am in awe of how people pun in general, I find it really challenging. Also, that Irvine Welsh cover is terrifying! It would give me nightmares having that on my nightstand. And David Copperfield…well…it goes on I suppose.


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