Sunday Lowdown #22

This Week’s Blog Posts:

Welcome to July! Since we had both a new month and a holiday (in the United States), Grab the Lapels had two extra posts. On Monday, I shared what I will be reading in July. Tuesday was a review of The Snow Queen, an award-winning science fiction novel published in 1980 that is actually part of a series (who knew?!) that I’ll keep reading. Thursday was the 4th of July, so I posted a collage of red, white, and blue book covers to celebrate. Lastly, on Friday I shared a review of a rather disappointing work of journalism about black women on the heavy metal scene.

Next Week’s Blog Posts:

On Tuesday, I’ll share my review of Orange is the New Black, an audio book read by Cassandra Campbell. It’s the perfect memoir — or not — depending on what you’re looking for. Come Monday I’ll share my review of Storm Warning, book number I’ve-lost-count in the #ReadingValdemar 2019 project. Much to my relief, this novel is, thus far, exciting, well-plotted, and has some great characters! I’m very excited for my Friday review of Nothing is Okay by Rachel Wiley, who wrote a collection of striking, cheeky poetry about being a fat, bi-racial, queer woman.

Slow Books in Progress:

Book by a Male Author: None, currently.

Book I’m Reading Aloud to My Spouse: David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

Poor Davy Copperfield! His mum has died, his Peggoty was fired, and he’s be pulled from school where his beloved (albeit shyster of a friend) Steerforth resides! However, he’s back at piratical Mr. Peggoty’s wonderful (ahem, modest) boat house — but who knows who will care for him after his visit.

Books Added to the TBR Pile:

Thanks to Karissa, Shell, and Kim for their recommendations!


  1. I LOVE MURDERBOT!! Hope ye do too. Arrrr!
    x The Captain

    PS I know ye likely know this fact alreay. But it is an involuntary trigger. I see Murderbot and have to get ridiculously excited. Every single time.


  2. Yay Murderbot!

    Glad to see you enjoyed Storm Warning! It’s definitely a positive change, plot and Character-wise, and has happily dropped a lot of the problem themes that Lackey kept bringing up in previous books.


    • Jennifer, you said a ya’ll. I did not know you were from ya’ll territory! I love it! I’m from “yas” territory, as in “love yas.” *shudder* Yes, ever since I had to get hearing aids, I’ve been reading aloud to my husband each night. At first, I had to do it to stimulate the little thingamajigs in my ear, but now we keep doing it because it’s wonderful.


  3. OOHHH Supper Club! I read Karissa’s book review of that, and then shortly after I turned down the opportunity for a review copy of it, so I may have made a mistake-you can let me know!

    And I’ve seen Tiffany Hadish’s book around, but to be honest, I don’t know who she is- a stand-up comic? Why is she so famous?


    • Tiddany Haddish was in this movie called Girls Trip, which was HILARIOUS, and she skyrocketed, doing a number of movies and shows since then: Night School, Nobody’s Fool, The Secret Life of Pets 2, Tuca and Bertie, The Lego Movie 2, etc. I’ve never seen her stand-up comedy, but apparently she’s done that, too!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oooo I’ll have yo read your review for Orange is the New Black! My husband and I tried watching the TV show, but we just did not get what why everyone loved it so much? It was definitely not our cup of tea. Have you seen the show?


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