Happy 4th of July: celebrating red, white, and blue

You like what I did with my featured image? Like, even zombies like to eat picnic food, right? Just being silly! To my friends, family, and book bloggers in the United States, have a happy and safe 4th of July! I typically end up working on this day, but changing jobs to the library means I’ll be at home, probably reading Storm Warning for #ReadingValdemar. We have no plans now, but will see fireworks and live music on July 5th. Check out these red, white, and blue book covers — all works that I’ve enjoyed!


    • Are you using blocks? If so, when you add a new block, choose “gallery” up at the top where you see that plus sign. Then, you just add in as many pics as you want. You can change the number of images per row over on the right side.

      If you’re not using blocks, no idea.

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  1. This list has so many new books for me to discover! Thank you! “The Woman in Cabin 10” looks particularly interesting and by reading the synopsis I can already draw parallels with Hitchcock’s film “The Lady Vanishes” (Ethel Lina White’s book “The Wheel Spins”).


    • The Lady Vanishes is my second favorite Hitchcock film! It’s so funny, and I love the dynamic between the leading characters. I listened to the audio book of The Woman in Cabin 10, which I think made it more interesting. The narrator is both British and has a voice that lets you know when the character is scared!

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