Sunday Lowdown #18

This Week’s Blog Posts:

A relatively average week with two blog posts! On Wednesday I shared my review of Wilderness Tips, a vicious and lovely collection of short stories, including one about a woman who has an ovarian cyst the size of a grapefruit removed and kept in a jar on her mantle, by Margaret Atwood.

I also shared a post celebrating National Audio Book month, noting some of my favorite audio book experiences, both fiction and memoir. A voice actor can really make or ruin a book, and I’ve said that thrillers are enhanced by a convincing voice.

Next Week’s Blog Posts:

I was going through the links on my Reading Fat Women project and noticed that I only have two comic book recommendations! A quick search led me to learn that Faith by Jody Houser has three more books out. I re-read the first one, Hollywood and Vine, to catch me up. Expect to see reviews for the next three trade paperback comic collections: California Scheming, Superstar, and The Faithless.

Following the schedule Jackie @ Death By Tsundoku and I created, on Monday you will get a review of Winds of Fury. I’m disappointed by how flabby and poorly-edited this book, the 10th that we’ve read, is.

Slow Reads in Progress:

Book By a Male Author: The characters in Irvine Welsh’s Porno have now actually written a script for their pornographic film, forgetting that money and casting matters more than they think. Spud is researching Leith, which I love, and Begbie is sure to connect with Renton soon — and attempt to kill him.

Book I’m Reading Aloud to My Spouse: The Book of Ruth by Jane Hamilton continues to be a spouse-pleaser. Now that the Ruth and her husband have a baby, Ruth’s domineering mother pulls the reins on everything in an attempt to convince her daughter and son-in-law what inept parents they are.

Books Added to the TBR Pile:

I’ve been playing around with the formatting of Sunday Lowdown. What do you like? What do you wish I would bring back that I got rid of? Thanks for your feedback; it is much appreciated!


    • The review that I read that convinced me to add it to my to read list was very convincing! The blogger emphasized the feminist aspects without making them sound like the common Katniss Everdeen type of character where she has to be able to shoot things and always be a badass. The character sounds nuanced, so I’m excited to read it.

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  1. Really looking forward to your reviews of the Faith comics – I love superhero films, and keep thinking that I should try and get into comic books, but most franchises have so much history that they would be impossible to catch up on at this point.


    • Yes! Faith has a bit of a history in other comics, but you don’t need to read them. She discusses how she was part of a super team and now is going solo. That’s basically all you need to know. At least, I didn’t feel behind. I already have my review of Hollywood and Vine posted from when I first read it. The link is in this post!


  2. I was curious about A Mother’s Reckoning after reading Columbine, a lot of people have recommended it. Columbine was such a draining read though, I’ve never felt up to tackling anything related. Interested to hear your thoughts on it when you get to it.


    • The most draining nonfiction I’ve ever read in my life was Missoula by Jon Krakauer. Sexual violence and rape described in detail, plus court recordings verbatim, for hundreds of pages. I feel like I can tackle anything after that.

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        • If you know that college football players tend to rape female students and get away with it because their team and coach lied for/supported them, and someone got up on the stand and asked the jury to “please consider this boy’s future,” then you’ve got the whole story. Missoula doesn’t add much to that expect maybe facts about how many football players have been accused of rape, and which schools are problems, such as the University of Notre Dame, where I completed my grad work. During my time here in South Bend, Indiana, home of Notre Dame and Mayor Pete, one female student accused an ND football player of raping her and then she took her own life.


  3. I know it’s not Sunday anymore but I work weekends, and most Mondays. I’m afraid, like all your other commenters (who nevertheless didn’t say so) that I don’t have any hints for ‘Sunday Lowdown. Sorry. But I’m always happy to read it. OK, I went back to #17, there was more you last week, that’s always a good thing. Tuesday (Tuesday’s nearly over because if not in anything else, we’re way ahead of you time-wise) has been a day off. I checked out Faith, the website lets you read through the first x number of panels. She’s amusing, no longer a teenager, a bit try-hard in places I thought, but ok for a rainy day. I’m sure you’re following the soccer World Cup. The Matilda’s lost to Italy in injury time but watch out, we’re coming.


    • A number of readers don’t get to my Sunday post until Monday or Tuesday. Sometimes they have their own things going on over the weekend. My hope is to get readers who don’t follow along as well as friends like you to see what I’ve been up to (and get them interested) and where I’m going (to get them interested). I chose to add simply the covers to my TBR so people can get a sense of my aesthetic. I think I’ve finally landed in a happy place!

      Faith is definitely a frivolous comic, one that I’ve enjoyed reading when I get home from work the last few days.

      I haven’t been able to watch the World Cup because I don’t have the right channel. It’s such a drag. I can go to sites where they post text updates, but it’s not nearly as exciting. The U.S. is totally wasting Thailand as I type this. 8-0.


  4. I didn’t know it was National Audiobook Month. I’m actually thinking of trying Audible because I really want to pick up more and my library for some reason doesn’t have the best selection. Ruth’s mother in The Book of Ruth sounds like a real treat. Hope you both enjoy the rest of that one. I’m surprised to see Shadow of the Fox on your TBR. I’ve had it on mine for a while but I wasn’t a big fan of a past book by her, and there was another one I couldn’t really get into. Still debating whether or not I should read this one


  5. The Sue Klebold book will make you cry, gosh it’s heart-wrenching. It was quite painful to read, but still highly recommended. I can’t remember if I reviewed it on my blog or just on the radio but whew! Prepare yourself.


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