Sunday Lowdown #190


It was another week of classes, though no special events. We had to sign how to cook chicken tortillas as described by an incredibly bland person on a recording, and at the end she says something like, “Woops, I forgot to tell you to buy tortillas, go back to the store and get them.” As we’re signing along, one big goal is don’t put your cutting board on top of your wok or your chicken on the counter and your plate on top of your chicken. You gotta see all of this in front of you.

Biscuit and I started reading a much harder book about a multi-talented creative individual, and the book is called Herbert Woodward Martin and the African American Tradition. We just read a trilogy of fluffy novels and decided to get back to something more substantial. Biscuit’s first reaction was, “I haaaaate iiiiit!” I think we’re coming along though, lol. She usually hates most things we read in the beginning, and it’s something I’ve come to expect and find joy in, because by the end of club Biscuit is sharing ideas and asking questions and coming up with analysis I’d never considered — and is ready to continue with the next section of reading.

This week mainly was propelling me toward the weekend. We left Indiana on Friday to head into central Michigan for a combo birthday for my Nick and my brother. They’re both 40. I compared pictures from Nick’s 30th and his 40th, and I’m not sure he’s changed much.


I’m not sure I was terribly enthusiastic about Everyone Knows Your Mother is a Witch by Rivka Galchen, and perhaps that comes through in my review. I wanted to do it justice because I know many folks who read this blog are historical fiction fans. I hadn’t expected the history and the dry humor, nor was I prepared for the court testimony or the odd choice for the narrator.


I’m going to do things a bit differently this coming week at Grab the Lapels. In the past I’ve hosted book blog tours that I organized, and one that I remember well was Shelia Lamb. Her Brigid books are memorable, and I was saddened when I heard they were out of print. Well, now they’re back, so I’m doing two posts this week: 1) an updated Meet the Writer with author Sheila Lamb, whom I asked questions specifically about what it’s like to publish an out-of-print book, why do it, did she change anything, etc., and 2) an excerpt from one of the novels with footnotes to her thoughts. Come check them out Tuesday then Thursday!


Owned Books on TBR at Beginning of Year: 202
Owned Books on TBR Last Week: 195
Owned Books on TBR Today: 194


  1. If anything 40-year old Nick looks better than 30-year old Nick. I look forward to seeing 50-year old Nick. Ha ha!

    I love that Biscuit always starts out negative but ends up with great questions and ideas.

    I’m sorry I’ve been a bit AWOL this last couple of weeks. Travelling is more tiring than it was when I was 40 so I’m finding it harder these days keeping up with normal things on top of travel things.

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  2. Happy birthday to Nick! I remember my 40s. Those were good years. Of course the 50s are good too, just not as much energy as there used to be though. So enjoy!

    Signing a recipe sounds as challenging as doing the actual cooking (says the person who doesn’t cook)

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  3. Happy birthday Nick! Did the boys enjoy their joint birthday? Did you do anything specific to celebrate? I think Nick looks younger in his more recent photo. Is he aging backwards?
    I told Rob that if we haven’t been to New Orleans by the time I’m going to turn 40, THAT’S what we’re doing. It’s a bucket list item for me.
    I only have a couple weeks left of one of my classes. (It’s a 7-week course.) I’m already excited to be done with it because it’s so boring but requires the most work. (Macroeconomics.)


    • It was mostly Garrett’s friends, as Nick and I have not lived in central Michigan for 14 years. But that’s okay with Nick. His dad came, and that was lovely. I bought the side salads, and Nick also demanded black cherries, so there you go, $25 worth of fruit.

      Most people I know have New Orleans on the list to do, and most come back reporting that the city is unfortunately a dump. I dunno. It looks so shiny and party-ready in the photos…

      Macroeconomics. Let me guess….you covered the Pacific Rim countries?

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  4. Happy Birthday to Nick! Glad you had some fun to look forward to and got to celebrate together! We’ve been celebrating Rose’s birthday here this week. Did Nick choose a birthday theme too?


  5. Your husband is cute, he’s improving with age, as is my husband. Dang men seem to have that ability!

    I love that Biscuit hates everything at first. I’m generally this way with most new experiences LOL


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