Sunday Lowdown #103


Well, grumpy-looking Bernie Sanders and his home-made, gifted Vermont mittens got famous. Isn’t it wonderful when the internet comes together?

On a more serious note, we had a LOT to celebrate in the United States this past week! You will of course know that we had an indoguration for Major and Champ Biden. To celebrate the day, Nigella Lawson shared her #recipeoftheday, Bitter Orange Tart.


A lot of people came to ol’ Lucy Maud Montgomery’s defense for her 1931 adult novel, A Tangled Web, but I stand by my review that highlights the worst of this typically lovely writer.

I got my first Pearlsong Press author over to Grab the Lapels this week! In her Meet the Writer feature, Kathy Barron delighted readers with her positive attitude toward her own writing, encouraging several of my female followers to reconsider how they navigate spaces more confidently.


On Tuesday, I will share brief reviews of three poetry collections by the Fat Poets’ Society, published with Pearlsong Press. This is where I first encountered Kathy Barron’s work.

Thursday kicks off #ReadingValdemar. After some consideration, I found a way to review the novel Foundation by Mercedes Lackey and start a conversation about genre writing that should appeal to all of my readers. Let me know what you think about the changed format, please.


Thanks to Emma @ Book Around the Corner and Kim @ Traveling in Books for their recommendations.


    • Thank you! The one about waste has my attention in particular. Circa 2009 I would teach this article about how racist city policies often legalize dumping waste and building factories in poor communities of color, and the article covered the health issues that plague residents. I’m glad to see this is an expansion of the idea (though I’m not sure if it’s the same author; I can’t remember who wrote the article).


  1. And Bernie is now in charge of (the Senate’s half of) formulating the national budget. How good is that! Looking forward to adding your Lantana Lane review to the Australian Women Writers Gen 3 (1919-1960) page. And next year how about a guest post for AWW Gen 4 Week (1960s, 70s, 80s)?

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    • Those decades are more my jam, so it’s possible! I’ll need some recommendations, though given the way you and the other Australian bloggers disagree, I’ll have to weigh my options. 😉


  2. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of Becoming. I’m seriously questioning my decision so far to not have ready any Obama books yet-am I missing out? People are raving about them.


    • I decided to add Becoming to the list because it doesn’t matter what you think about the book itself, it’s now a cultural touchstone. I constantly hear people reference, “Well, in Michelle Obama’s memoir….” Like, a lot-a lot. I’m going to get the audiobook, which she reads herself.

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  3. I love indoguration! I recently learned that Trump was one of only 2 US presidents not to have a pet in the White House. Which considering he has a kid the perfect age for a pet seems like yet another strike against him!

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  4. Some great new additions to your TBR pile, Melanie. I will try to read your Montgomery post, but be assured that I won’t be coming to its defence as I haven’t read it. Your opinion is safe with me!


  5. The Bernie memes have been a gift this week, truly. Looking forward to seeing your new Valdemar format with the genre discussion! I definitely have a bad habit of skipping over any sort of series or companion books posts if they’re not a series I’m already involved in, but genre talk is always fun!


  6. The Bernie memes were so fun, I agree. And it’s wonderful how many recommendations we collect from other readers. Do you find that you’re picking up recommendations from people, whether co-workers or clients, at the library now that you’ve been there awhile, too?


    • Now, don’t let your head explode but you may be surprised to learn a lot of librarians don’t read. Okay, okay, now that your head is exploded let me reassure you that my head exploded too. A lot of patrons recommend books that aren’t something I would pick up, like Amish fiction or thrillers. But I appreciate talking with them and hearing how excited they are!


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