Sunday Lowdown #84


  • Fall walked through that screen door and let it slap shut with a bang! Heck yes!
  • My little three-person book club is halfway through Chocolat by Joanne Harris, and I’m excited to continue this book and series.
  • Nick made me chocolate chip cookies, which I ate while watching The Nun, my horror pick for Friday. I didn’t care about the characters too much, but there were a few good scares.
  • I tried a new recipe, Jamaican Stew, which turned out. Booyah!
  • I finished reading The Potato Masher Murder, a true crime novel set a few blocks from the library where I work. Both people in the marriage were vile, and the newspapers of the day, circa 1906, were full of gossip rather than facts. The link above goes to my thoughts on Goodreads.
  • This bird-dog team:


Quite a variety! I started with One to Watch, a fat-positive modern novel by Kate Stayman-London that had me smiling. Then, I shared the umpteenth book review in the #ReadingValdemar series. It’s still fun! Exile’s Honor features an adult character from a warring neighbor nation who is Chosen, bringing something new to Mercedes Lackey’s oeuvre. Lastly, an interview with Tara Lynn Masih whose co-authored book is on the horizon. Thanks for sending her such great comments and questions!


A collection I purchased a few years ago, Gutshot by Amelia Gray, promised to be fun but kept sliding back on my TBR. You know how that goes. When Emily @ Literary Elephant mentioned she wanted to read Gutshot, too, we arranged a buddy read. My review will be posted Tuesday.

See No Stranger by Valarie Kaur is a timely read, and I do mean timely. With 9/11 only two days ago, and all the patriotism people in the U.S. display on that day, it’s important to remember that although we united in 2001 in some ways, Americans behaved abhorrently in others. Violence and anti-Muslim propaganda flooded the media and minds of many who grieved, because for the first time, my generation felt that everything could be taken away from us. And yet, what about those U.S. citizens, immigrants, refugees — neighbors — who were murdered as a result of Muslim fear? My review of See No Stranger will be posted Thursday.


I added My Real Name is Hanna after learning more about Tara Lynn Masih in her interview. Also, thanks to Bill @ Australian Legend for sharing his review of Jessica White’s novel, which I didn’t pick up, but I did get her book Hearing Maud.


  1. I love that Humpty Dumpty comic, though I am a bit jealous of him – I’m very ready for autumn! It got cold and wet here briefly, but now we’re predicted warm, sunny days all next week. I’m definitely ready for some evenings curled up by the fire with a book and a blanket!


    • It’s chilly here in the morning, but there is so much moisture in the air that when it gets to a warmer, comfortable temp, it just feels sticky! Even my carpet feels a bit wet, and I can see some of my books’ pages are curling *gulp*

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  2. It was disgraceful how not just ‘people’ but senior politicians seized on anti-muslim sentiment after 9/11.
    Great that you have Hearing Maud. It is an interesting mix of memoir, biography – of the turn of the century Australian writer Rosa Praed and her daughter Maud – and of approaches to deafness. Embarrassing that you are much more proactive about my recommendations than I am about yours.


    • The stew was easier to make than I thought, and part of that is we cut up the meat, carrots, and celery a few days before so that most of it would be just dumping into the pot. I never cut up tomatoes or green onions early, though.

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  3. I too am ready for fall! I started decorating for Halloween today. I have at least one horror book and a horror comic on my radar (and physically in hand) to celebrate.
    Covid has taken many things from us. It can’t take Halloween, there are too many ways to celebrate it!


  4. Look at you, adding a YA book to your TBR. I love it.

    I am soooo ready for Fall. One of my girlfriends stopped by this morning to drop off some things, but she stopped by Starbucks on the way. My Fall drink of choice is a Chai Latte with Pumpkin. Apparently, they were out of pumpkin! Already!!! It’s only September 14th. That’s unacceptable.

    I also like how your reviews for this week have similar covers. I think it’s neat!


  5. As much as I love summer I’m a little jealous of your fall! We are very affected by the Oregon/California fires here and our air quality is terrible right now. It looks like a late November afternoon all day even though it isn’t that cold yet.


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