October: The List

Title: Inside Madeleine by Paula Bomer

Genre: short story collection

Key Descriptors: alienation, lust, and young girls and women

Why I’m Reading It: This is the oldest book on my owned TBR pile (by a woman)

Title: The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman

Genre: women’s fiction

Key Descriptors: books, family, introverts

Why I’m Reading It: This is the newest book on my owned TBR pile (by a woman)

Title: Owlflight by Mercedes Lackey

Genre: fantasy

Key Descriptors: forests, destiny, mages

Why I’m Reading It: This is the 14th book for #ReadingValdemar in 2019 — and the last trilogy we’re starting this year!

Title: The Summer Queen by Joan D. Vinge

Genre: science fiction

Key Descriptors: empire, information database, epic

Why I’m Reading It: This is the 3rd book in The Snow Queen Cycle series, which I’m enjoying. It’s a lil somethin’ extra.

Title: Among the Shadows by L.M. Montgomery

Genre: short story collection

Key Descriptors: supernatural, brooding, death

Why I’m Reading It: I had a small space in my reading schedule, so you know I had to cram it full — and this collection of spooky stories fits in perfectly for October

Title: Drawing Dead by S.M. Reine

Genre: paranormal

Key Descriptors: vampires, slayer, Las Vegas

Why I’m Reading It: I bought this book for my Reading Fat Women quest, and the paranormal theme fits with October nicely

Title: Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage

Genre: horror

Key Descriptors: mute, violence, family

Why I’m Reading It: I want to attack my TBR books from the library list, so I added Stage’s book to fit with October’s creepiness

Title: Hauntings by various authors, edited by Henry Mezzo, illustrated by Edward Gorey

Genre: short story collection

Key Descriptors: classic horror, ghosts, gore-free

Why I’m Reading It: I’m trying to keep up with my TBR books I own written by men and picked another spooky collection for October

Do any of these stick out to you as must-read?


  1. That looks like something a bit different from LM Montgomery’s usual fare . .. though I guess there are a lot of hauntings in her Emily series.


    • It’s interesting because the little girl, Hanna, isn’t much of a candy eater. The whole family is very health nutty. When Hanna wants a sweet treat, she eats chocolate-covered blueberries.


  2. I’ve read one of the books on your list–Inside Madeleine–and lemme tell you, it is MAJOR. Lots of female body talk, sexuality, and really really great writing. A must read!


  3. This looks like a great list! I’ll be very curious to see your thoughts on Baby Teeth and Hauntings in particular. I hope you have a great month of spooky reading! 🙂


    • Thank you! I got started on Baby Teeth and really dig it, so I hope you get a copy soon.

      I bought Hauntings a few years ago because I *think* this is the collection of stories I used to check out over and over again from my elementary school library. But looking at the list of authors, would this have been too complex for me? There’s no way of knowing if it’s even the right book. I vaguely remember what the book looked like: greenish-grayish and just wonderful.

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      • Ooh, that sounds promising, I’ll keep my eye out for a copy!

        That sounds like an exciting reading adventure, I hope it does turn out to be the book you loved as a kid! What a great idea trying to revisit it. And even if it does turn out to be something entirely different, I hope you have a good time reading it! It does look very intriguing.


  4. Baby Teeth looks terrifying, moreso because the title of baby teeth just scares me. Also, i had no idea that LM Montgomery had a book of spooky stories. How could I have not known this? What a terrible Canadian bookworm I am hahah


    • I got through Baby Teeth and it was wonderful. More complex than I thought it would be (especially based on the Goodreads reviews of it). I think I discovered some of LM’s off-beaten books when I was randomly buying a bunch of Montgomery books after I finished the Anne series. Don’t feel too un-Canadian. Karissa’s two-year-old daughter had a Beaver-themed birthday party, so she beats us all! 😛

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  5. I’ve never read Among the Shadows, but I should! I love Anne and Emily, and I’ve enjoyed exploring LM Montgomery’s short stories on KindredSpaces.


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