Sunday Lowdown #30

This Week’s Blog Posts:

I was surprised by how many folks commented on my Audio Book Mini Review post on Tuesday. Perhaps it was the shorter reviews; perhaps it was the book medium that drew in interested readers. Thanks to everyone for their comments!

Friday brought my review of World’s End by Joan D. Vinge. A fantastic science fiction novella that was hard to put down, and I’m excited to read the next book in Vinge’s brief series. I read in a review on Tor that people read World’s End as a stand-alone novella, too.

Next Week’s Blog Posts:

On Monday, check out the latest conversation Jackie @ Death By Tusndoku and I had after we finished reading Storm Rising by Mercedes Lackey. We focus on magical animals and what role they play in the novel.

Wednesday will bring another nonfiction review. The Milk Lady of Bangalore is by Indian author Shoba Narayan, and she writes about a time when she and her husband, both of whom had lived in the United States for twenty years, return to their native South India with their daughters and have some . . . en-cow-nters?

Come Friday, we’re definitely in September! I’ll be sharing the eight books I plan to read throughout the month and why each book was chosen. Secret Time: I’ve already started one of them. I’m gearing up for a new month and hope you’ll let me know which works sound interesting to you.

Book I Own on my TBR by a Male Author:

The Trainspotting series by Irvine Welsh continues, this time with the 4th book (chronologically, anyway) entitled The Blade Artist. Ultra-violent Francis Begbie has reinvented himself, changing countries, his lifestyle, his means of making money, and his family situation. I’ve just only started this novel and am surprised there is no dialect.

I also read Trigger Man by Jim Daniels, a Detroit native whose short stories are set in my Michigan homeland. I completed this one quickly and felt lukewarm about it.

Book I’m Reading Aloud to My Spouse:

When one of his relatives becomes destitute, David Copperfield must plan a new life that now has several adult dependents and secure his future so he can ask for Dora’s hand in marriage with confidence. I wish David would quit mooning over Dora and see that Agnes is right in front of him.

Books Added to the TBR Pile:

Thanks to Wendy for her interview with Ali Thompson, which encouraged me to add Thompson’s novel.


  1. “. . . en-cow-nters”

    I see what you did there 🙂

    I find that when I post a batch of mini book reviews, they perform much better than a single review. It makes sense. Not everyone is going to want to read a review for every book I read, but when I include 4 books, there is a much higher chance that at least one of the books will appeal to an individual.


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