The Books that Built The Blogger with Melanie from Grab The Lapels

Thanks so much to Cathy for talking books with me. It’s an honor to be on such a popular blog run by a thoughtful blogger!

I’m delighted to have Melanie from Grab the Lapels on the blog today talking about the books that have shaped her reading and her blogging. Grab the Lapels is a fantastic site, focusing on works by women writers and featuring a great Meet The Writer series and some really in depth, knowledgeable reviews. It’s also always great to have a fellow Sweet Valley High fan on the blog! So, it’s over to Melanie…

There are three books I’ve read that I can really remember changing me in a deep way.

Early on, it was Sweet Valley Twins and Friends: Ghost in the Bell Tower (Super Chiller), a book by Francine Pascal—or one of her ghostwriters. There are hundreds of books about the twins. Before there was Team Jacob and Team Edward, there was Team Elizabeth and Team Jessica.

Were you more like studious Elizabeth, who had superb grades, one…

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  1. I love posts like this. I find it really interesting to learn what books really impacted you when you were growing up. I agree that we are given a very skewed version of history in the US when it comes to how this country has treated marginalized groups. I’ve never read The Autobiography of Malcomn X, but it’s something I definitely want to do in the future.

  2. Sweet Valley Twins!!! Sweet Valley High!!! Love those books 🙂 I think my favorite one was a Sweet Valley High in which Jessica has the lead in Macbeth, and there is a new girl in school who tries to be just like Jessica. Such fun!

  3. I already commented on this post over on Cathy’s blog, but I just thought I’d add that I never did read any of the Sweet Valley books, because my mother didn’t like them. I guess I missed out!

  4. This is a fascinating series of posts– I’m so glad you participated, Melanie! I love hearing about the books which most influenced you. I never read the Sweet Valley High books, but I feel like I certainly missed out on a young girl’s fandom. 🙂

      • I do live in the US! I was reading Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and the Boxcar Children at that time. I was adverse to the color pink and anything “girly” at that time, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I looked at the covers and said, “Not for me.” based on looks alone.

        • Oh, definitely! Everything was very pink about these books. Makes sense! I read one Nancy Drew….I think I didn’t read more because I didn’t “get” her because I didn’t start at the beginning. I picked up a random book from the series.

          • Yeah, I feel like serial mysteries are totally fine to pick up randomly, but only after you’ve read the first two books. Otherwise you won’t really know your protagonist at all! This is true for both adult and children’s mystery series, too.

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