Meet the Writer: H.D. Gordon

9b50ed_9e034f90870045dd9f1495fbac0b1af4I want to give a big welcome to author H.D. Gordon! You can learn more about today’s guest at her website. She has free books you can download on Kindle, and events coming up for her new book, The Company Store! Look for my forthcoming review of H.D.’s horror novel, Santa’s Little Helper, here at Grab the Lapels!

What kind of writing do you do? What kinds of writing do you wish you did more of?

I’ve just completed my tenth novel, and in truth I am a serious genre-jumper. I’ve written a series of NA [New Adult] paranormal, a fantasy romance series, a horror novel, a couple supernatural thrillers, and just recently, a YA dystopian.

My first love was poetry, however, so I consider myself both a poet and a novelist. In short, I do EVERY kind of writing. My interests vary widely, and I love to feel challenged.

What was the first piece of writing you did that you remember being happy with?

I began writing before I really began retaining long-term memories. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but just a bit. One of my very first influences was Poe. I could not have been more than eight years old or so when my mother handed me a book that was a collection of his short stories and poems, and I remember thinking about the words, “I’ve got to try this.” I began writing poetry and never stopped. I can’t really ever remember being unhappy with a piece. Until I began writing professionally about three years ago, it had always just been for me, and it was more about the feeling it gave me than the amount of stars I’d give it.

How do your friends and family respond to your writing?

They are extremely supportive, but save for my mother and father, it was not always that way. When I began this journey, I was 22 years old (I’m 26 now), and had made some pretty terrible life-changing decisions. I was the epitome of a “lost youth,” and at that point I’d done nothing in my life to prove that I’d be anything but a screw-up. It took a serious near-death event to open my eyes, and I fell back into words as a way to preserve my mind.

I’ll skip ahead and just say that now, nearly 50,000 copies sold and ten books later, they are all on team “H. D. Gordon,” and I’m thankful everyday for that.

What did you want to be when you grew up, and does this choice influence your writing today?

I never had a clue, honestly. I wanted to be everything, and I wanted to be nothing. I’ve struggled my entire life with bipolar depression, and only recently had this diagnosed, so I spent a great portion of my life just trying to survive the torment in my head. I’m sure this has had a huge impact on my writing, and to me, the right words have always been worth a little suffering.

What inspired you to write your first book?

That near-death event that I mentioned earlier? That was it. I wrote the first book in The Alexa Montgomery Saga immediately after. I wanted to live in a story where the heroine was never a victim, where the MC [main character] would be tough and brave and flawed but ultimately good.

Poetry had always been my “low points” fallback, but I needed a lot more words to heal this time, and it turned out to be an entire novel. The readers were incredibly supportive, and that’s another thing I’m eternally grateful for.

TCScover9What are your current writing projects?

My most recent work is a YA dystopian…Can I just hit you with a synopsis real quick? *plug plug*

Thanks to the greed of man, Earth is dying. Climate change and human greed has wrought mass destruction over the planet, and a fraction of the population remains.

The Company Store controls the last civilization, known as the Single Nation Circle.  Those outside the Circle are Outliers, outcasts and gangsters who do whatever it takes to survive.

Samuel Poe is the 18-year-old leader of the Poe Boys, the Northern Outlier gang. With resources ever dwindling, Sam knows he must be the toughest of the dogs fighting over the scraps if he hopes to keep himself and his people alive.

When Sam meets Anna Rose, daughter of Mr. Company, the most powerful man in the dying world, he finds himself in a deadly race toward resources and a new life.

Much like those of their ancestors, the choices of the two star-crossed teenagers will echo through the ages, the fate of the human race resting on their shoulders.

Lol!! That pretty much sums it up! I’m hoping to inspire the youth to make a change with this one, and I could not be more excited!

The Company Store comes out August 3rd and will be on sale for $0.99 that day only!

Thank you so much!!


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