Farewell, Aqueous; I Adored Thee

Cynthia Reeser

Today, the word is officially out: the publisher of Aqueous Books, Cynthia Reeser, has decided to end her labor of love. I am saddened by this news. I have reviewed a number of Aqueous Books and adored all of them. Reeser has a knack for picking the right stuff in a way that not all publishers manage to do. That’s not to say the books were all similar; far from it. A number of the books went on to win awards and be picked up by larger presses. So, what’s the deal? As usual, not enough people buy books, and many of us suffer from the desire to save money by buying cheaply from sellers like Amazon. As a result, readers and writers suffer.

Check out the following books! You can click the covers to read my reviews.

Reviewed by Jennifer Vosters

Aqueous still has two books to be released SOON, so please be sure to check them out! Also, consider going to the site and picking up the books in the store instead of buying elsewhere.

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