Virtual Book Tour: List

List is a curative mix of satire and sympathy. In these glimpses of middle America, lists order the characters’ lives, capturing their obsessions, cataloging their complaints, accounting for their desires, and serving as prayers toward ways of life that might work. Check out ratings and reviews, and add your own, of List on Goodreads!

Tour Schedule:

Monday: Matt stops at Kelcey Parker’s blog, PhD in Creative Writing, to answer her questions about how he became a writer.

Tuesday: List ventures over to Book Puke where Matt lets readers into his brain with an excerpt + insights.

Wednesday: At [PANK] blog, you’ll get the answers to some probing questions about the content of List.

Thursday: Over at Words, Notes, & Fiction, read Matt’s list about the lists in List. Is that a meta-list?

Friday: The List tour concludes at The Next Best Book Club blog, where I ask what happened to Generation X using a close reading of Matt’s novel.

Matthew Roberson is the author of three novels, 1998.6, Impotent, and List, and the editor of a critical book, Musing the Mosaic. His short fiction has appeared in journals such as Fourteen Hills, Fiction International, and Western Humanities Review. He teaches at Central Michigan University, in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

“The stories in List succeed by mixing the sting of satire with its antidote, a healthy dose of sympathy. While the stories skewer the ambitions and materialistic desires of readers, they also create an emotional landscape replete with the hilarity and humility of human vulnerability. This collection has a heart as big as the great Midwest.”
–Lynn K. Kilpatrick, author of In the House

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