We, Monsters by Zarina Zabrisky



REDMay 5th: Learn about We, Monsters by reading an excerpt over at The Next Best Book Club blog

May 6th: Read about Zarina’s concerns regarding women and publishing, what defines “erotica,” and why it’s so important to her that she transcend being known as a “woman writer” at The Book Cove. In addition, sign up for a chance to win a signed copy of We, Monsters.

May 7th: At The Reading Life, Zarina answers interview questions regarding the psychology in We, Monsters, and what it’s doing there.

May 8th: What’s with all the food in We, Monsters? Zarina explains the significance of food and, what it means to her characters, at the apropos Books, With Occasional Food. Scroll to the bottom to find one of Zarina’s favorite recipes.

May 9th: We end the tour at HTMLGIANT. Here, Zarina reveals her “Top Ten” list of ways she prepared to write We, Monsters, a manuscript that took seven years to complete.Z

Click here to buy We, Monsters

Zarina Zabrisky is a Russian-American writer based in the Bay Area, California. She is the author of a novel We, Monsters; two novellas, A Cute Tombstone and her debut work, Iron; several short stories; and a book of collaborative poetry and art Green Lions, co-written with Simon Rogghe. Zabrisky currently resides in San Francisco, California.

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