10 Things I Learned About Jackie B. After I Went To See Her (and yes, she’s a real person)

Jackie B. at Death by Tsundokuย and I planned to meet each other. We talked about it all summer. We got distracted. We didn’t compare calendars. Then we choose a weekend — we really did — but I started a new job and was immediately assigned to be at three events that same weekend. The Jackie B. & Melanie weekend got pushed back. But it finally happened . . .

Jackie & Melanie

And when you meet someone in real life, someone you’ve been book blogging and texting with for years, you learn that they are almost exactly who you thought they were. There are some things that I learned, though!

#1. Jackie has this amazing, full, room-filling laugh that makes me smile.

#2. Jackie can wear chunky high heels and walk around all day in them without complaining about her feet. “Walking” includes going up six flights of stairs.

#3. She has house, so when Jackie met her husband, she was a total catch and a full-blown grown up woman.

#4. In her kitchen nook, she has a shrine dedicated to Harry Potter, which includes several copies of the entire series. She also has the series at work, which she loans to co-workers.

harry potter.jpg

#5. Stylin’ and profilin’. Jackie B. always looks cool in sweaters, dresses, and leggings. I brought a variety of hoodies. We didn’t match, but I love her.

#6. Jackie has a big floofy dog with a name that starts with a K. My brain could never get around her doggo’s name, so I called him goulash, which rhymed with his real good boy name.

#7. A percussionist through and through, Jackie plays drums on her steering wheel, which made me giggle. I’m married to a percussionist, and you better believe everything turns into a bongo at our house.

#8. Jackie “stops” at stop signs, but I figured we’re supposed to be afraid in October.

bad driver.gif

#9. In her basement, Jackie has a bunch of canned goods she made herself! I got to take some home. Pickles and pear butter, here I come.

#10. She eats Daikon radishes. I knew these were a thing, but also convinced myself they only existed in Super Mario Bros. 2.

daikon radish

I want to thank Jackie for inviting me into her home and showing me around the town. Also, huge shout out for picking up the slack when I forgot it was my husband’s birthday. I never would have gotten him a pie. I mean, pie? Who eats pie on their birthday?!

i love you.gif


  1. It sounds like you two had so much fun! Iโ€™m glad you were able to meet and spend time together!! Jackie has such a great blog tooโ€”very cool to see you got together! ๐Ÿ˜Š


  2. What a great experience to meet someone you’ve gotten to know online. It sounds as though you had a fun, and learned a lot about each other, too. Thanks for sharing.


  3. You sound (and look!) so cheerful since your job change. Glad you had a good time. I’ve met a couple of bloggers, it definitely adds to the friendships you develop on-line.


    • I think it might be just because I’ve seen it so many times. Then again, that’s the trick they use for the internet to get you to believe things that aren’t real. “A meme said so!” California is so populated; there have to be other book bloggers near you! But how to find them….

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  4. OMG so cool!!! I don’t follow her blog regularly but clearly I need to start! And I loved Super Mario Bros 2, it was my fav. We purchased a console that plays those old nintendo games and sometimes I still play it. I haven’t since my second was born, but I plan on doing it again soon!


    • The second Super Mario Bros. is super hard! There is this one spot I COULD NOT get past, so I quit playing. The funny thing is there is some odd history with that game. I think it was something like they created Super Mario Bros. 2 but decided it was too hard for American audiences, so they took this other game they were working on and inserted Mario into it. That’s why SMB2 is so weird and unlike his other games.

      Yes, Jackie is fantastic and a great blog friend. You should totally follow her.

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  5. โค โค โค I'm so glad you could come visit!!!! I keep thinking of all the things I still want to do with you. So. Eventually you'll have to come back. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also, obviously, I need to visit you at some point. Prepare yourself! XD

    Strangely, I learned some things about myself from reading this post! Like I could be obsessed with heroin, so I think I'm doing all right for myself. Also, that I don't stop solidly at stop signs. Honestly, I had no idea! Oops. O_o I think that's a sign I've learned to chill out as I've gotten older. I'm such a stickler for rules. I barely go over the speed limit. Finally, any time I get sass from David I will be telling him what I catch I am with my full-grown-adult-house. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Nailed it.

    I also might or might not be stealing this post idea for my own blog. You have been warned! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  6. Another post to make me smile! I wish I could keep up better – you’re on fire over here.

    I’m so glad you guys got to meet. I’ve met a few bloggers over the last couple of years. It’s so much fun, and you’re right, they have been pretty much as I imagined them to be. Actually, even better. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think I “met” Jackie when she was hosting the Anne readalong a while ago (I have no sense of time in the book blogging world), but like with so many others, I haven’t kept up as well as I would like. I will have to tell my daughters about her shrine to HP – I think they’d take a trip all the way down there just to see it! Lol


    • Yes! She and a blogger named Jane did the whole Anne of Green Gables series, I think last summer. Thank you for your compliments, Naomi. I’m glad you’re catching up on blog posts, because I’m always glad to hear from you.

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  7. I’m so jealous you guys got to meet in real life!!! I can only imagine the fun & shenanigans that ensued ๐Ÿ™‚

    “#1. Jackie has this amazing, full, room-filling laugh that makes me smile.” I actually picture this for both of you. The “throw your head back” types of laughs.

    A kitchen nook HP shrine?!?!?! Be still my heart!

    I laughed when I read her post and found out you forgot that it was your husband’s birthday! How sweet that Jackie got a pie to celebrate. Who wants to eat cake on their birthday? So clichรฉ!


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