#WordPress #TechTips : short, easy ways to maximize what you’ve got!

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There are tech things I do on my blog that I think are quite simple…yet I don’t see other bloggers doing the same things. It got me thinking!

I put out my feelers on Twitter and learned that people would really like some quick, easy tech tips for their WordPress blogs. It can be a challenge to find what you’re looking for, and blogging takes a lot of time as it is!

Each Thursday, I will post a short, simple tech tip to help you navigate your WordPress account and make it easier to hook up with non-WordPress blogs. If you have suggestions for topics that you would like me to discuss, please let me know in the comments.

Why do I think I should be the person to give tech tips? 10 years of being married to an IT person has taught me that most of what people know about computers isn’t learned in school, a textbook, or on-the-job experience: it’s knowing how to find the answers you seek by asking the right questions. I’ve gotten pretty good at this, but it can still take hours to search through discussion boards and find relevant, up-to-date information! I’ve done the legwork, now you share the benefits.

So please join me next Thursday for my first tip! Either “follow” Grab the LapelsΒ (if you’re a WordPress user) or subscribe by email. Both options are clickable buttons on the right side of my page near the top. I’ll share my posts on Twitter, too, but keep in mind that Twitter is flooded with info, and Tweets can get lost — you could miss out!



  1. Looking forward to this. i’ve tried following some of the tips on the WordPress site but usually end up totally lost, especially when it involves coding. Despite very clear instructions for example I still can’t adjust the spacing on my header image

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  2. A good idea. I constantly get nice comments and lots of hits on my how to set up a blog posts on my professional blog – I’ve also had people say they’re too simple, but that’s what people want: simle instructions!

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  3. Intriguing! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! I like playing with IT so enjoy messing about with the blog, trying new things to see if they attract any notice (usually not, is the answer!) But I can’t be bothered linking to other platforms and so on – perhaps you’ll be able to persuade me…

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  4. Hell yes! I am such a tech noob. I was utterly confounded when I started my blog six months ago. Never had any experience running a website or doing anything remotely similar to it it. I don’t have a WordPress.com blog but I do use the Jetpack plugin to connect to WordPress so I hope your tips apply to me as well.

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  5. Oh, this sounds perfect for me. Even some of the simple things I try to do, don’t always work out. Examples: adding things to the sidebar, re-arranging my menu items (so basic, I know!) And, yes, hooking up with non-wordpress blogs is hard.

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  6. Am now gonna binge all your tech tips! πŸ˜€ This series is such a great idea, maybe I can implement some tips, though wordpress.com doesn’t allow for my wiggle room I think.

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